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Elden Ring: Summon Ghosts – Thats how it works

In this tips guide to the spirits in Elden Ring you will learn:

  • How to summon ghosts in Elden Ring
  • Where you find new ashes of the ghosts
  • How your spirits uses
  • How your ghost-ash improves

In Elden Ring, there are various game mechanics that make life easier for life in the deadliest Open World’s Game story. A mighty remedy against fighting in shorten or huge boss opponents is the summoning spirit . We show you how to request the help of deceased warriors and beasts.

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Ghosts Summon in Elden Ring: What do I need?

Summoning ghosts is not possible in Elden Ring from the beginning – even then if you have chosen the souvenir “ash of the vampire weights” at the class selection. So that you can summon your spirits, you need the object “ghost-call bell” and at least one of the over fifty ghostly ashes, which you can find in the game world of Elden Ring. Before you have to do a few things.

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How do I get the ghost-call bell in Elden Ring?

Starts as described in our entry-level guide for Elden Ring at the Church of the Elleh and rests at the place of grace. From there you move on to the ruins in front of the gate and meet with Melina at the place of grace. It turns the step upright releases and equip you with the Spectral Ross (Guide). Then return to the church of the Elleh and meet the Witch Renna there.

Important : So that Renna appears, you have to previously have at least three places of grace activated and teleport you from one of them to the church. If you go on foot, the meeting remains with the witch.

Elden Ring - How To Get Spirit Calling Bell And Lone Wolf Ashes Summon Plus How To Summon Ashes
Have you done everything right (Melina and Stormwind meet, activate three places of grace, teleport to the church) the place is surrounded by a fog veil. Turn around and see Renna on the wall. Talk to it and confirmed that your stormwind hit . Then they hand over the ghost-call bell and the ashes of the lonely wolves.

How do I summon spirits in Elden Ring?

Do you have the ghost-call bell in the inventory, sets a ghost ash in the Speed ​​dial menu for consumables . To do this, calls the menu, select “Equipment” and click on a blank space in the lower area “Quick Objects”. Scrolls in the next menu completely down and you find the ashes.

Equipped with the ashes, you can call ghosts like the lonely wolves in the game at the touch of a button. However, this works only in certain areas. You recognize them on the small Luminous tombstone icon on the left edge of the screen. Ghosts can usually summon during boss struggles or in areas with strong opponents. Note that every evocation costs FP and you can not bother your spirits in multiplayer mode by Elden Ring.

Where can I find ghosts in Elden Ring?

Ashes, you often get as a reward for boss fights or find them in dungeons and catacombs. The ashes of the wandering wheels and the ashes of the magic lady can be found, for example, in the optional dungeon storm foot catacombs on the cliffs in the west of Limgrave. The first ashes in the game can you even secure yourself when choosing the class in Elden Ring. Simply choose the souvenir “the ashes of the vampire weights”.

The next ghosts (ashes of lonely wolves) gets you in the package with the ghost-call bell of Witch Renna. Another strong ash for the start in Elden Ring gets you from a NPC in the hut on the storm hill of Limgrave. As you persuade the anxious lady, to give you the ashes of the ghost qualle , you read in our beginner guide to Elden Ring.

How do I improve ashes and strength spirits in Elden Ring?

If you improve your ghosts in Elden Ring, it strengthens your life points, impact and defense. As so often with Elden Ring, however, you have to do a task before: In order to unlock the improvement of Geisern, you have to successfully end the first big quest around Castle Storm veil and defeat the boss Margit, which defeat cruel times .

Then then searches on the ground floor according to the object “Souvenir of the Dolls” and talk to the NPCs Roderica and Hewg, the blacksmith champion . HEWG persuades to watch over Roderica and leaving the castle. If you return later, Roderica offers you to improve the ghosts. It demands for the modifications of ghostly ash graventallilies and ghosts, which you find in the Open World and Dungeons. With the loading of the video you accept the privacy policy of YouTube. Learn more Load video YouTube always unlock Other guides to Elden Ring on ghosts: * Elden Ring Tips: What you should definitely do first * Elden Ring: Find Spectral Ross and Tips for Riding * Elden Ring: Protect PS5 memory level from fiesem bug * Elden Ring: All trophies and successes of the Open World Monster visits us Facebook and Instagram and discuss with us about your favorite games.