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Epic Games Store: Two new free

Spring attracts the door with first sunbeams. Who dares the step outside, but quickly notes that the winter has not yet been fully adopted and it is Bitterkalt despite fantastic weather conditions. Since it is quite justified to enjoy the first soothing sunlight of the year from the couch from the living room window and make it comfortable in front of the Daddlekiste. Sufficient game food is once again this day from the Epic Games Store.

He also states at his concept at the beginning of March 2022 to give away at least one game to his clientele every week. For meteorological spring numbers, there are now even two titles on a blow. They fully put on temporal action, modernized retrographic and the feeling of nostalgia. Both “Black Widow Recharged” as well as at “Centipede Recharged” are drilled versions of old arcade classics.

Insect battles in retro design

While in the Twin-Stick shooter “Black Widow Recharged” in the role of a spider her network with all kinds of firepower against approaching insects, they beat in “Centipede Recharged” fruitful thousandfoods in the run. Both remakes rely on the game principle of the present originals from the 1980s, but expand this new modes, challenges and options. The minimalist graphics also pick up the style of previous daddle halls, but simultaneously brings new pep to the screen with modern effects.

Both games play them when needed in local co-op mode with a friend or girlfriend together on the same screen. While putting themselves against insect investments, the original soundtrack of Megan McDuffee blends from the boxes. Regular costs both games each 8.99 euros each. From the 3rd to 10 March 2022 you cancel the titles for zero and then permanently retain. All you need is a free customer account in the Epic Games Store.

Top 10 NEW Free Games of 2022

Bonus package for action roleplay

With retro chic you can not do anything? Then maybe gift number 3 is rather her collar. For the free-to-play title “Dauntless” the Epic Games Store in the same promotion period the “epic slayer” bonus package out. This gives you three days free membership in the Slayer Club as well as a bunch of in-game currencies, with which you give your game progress a powerful thrust.