Guide Elden Ring: How to reborn and change attribute points

If you think you need to change the attribute points in your character from Elden Ring, I have a good and bad news for you. The good is that you can do it thanks to reborn . The bad one you’ll have to beat Rennala, Queen of the full moon **.

In this Elden Ring guide we tell you what the Renacer in Elden Ring is and how to find Rennala to activate the Statistics Points Change of our Avatar and Create a different Build For the character.

Renacer in Elden Ring

The act of Renacer in Elden Ring means returning to our character to our original state with the statistics that came by default and, from that point, return to level up other attributes to create a new Build.

You can only change the attribute points that you got once the game, not the basis of each class, but in any case it is a fantastic way to choose another type of build if we believe that we have been wrong to manage the levels

How to find Rennala and Renacer

By overcoming the castle and reaching the second area you will come across a church and a mysterious magician inside that talks to you about a wrench and a wizard academy. If you do not know where to find it, address in the swamp and you will end up taping you with a great building in the center of it.

Although you can easily reach the door of the academy in the center of the lake, you will need the key that you can find, guarded by a dragon that you can avoid with stealth, at the next point, a small islet west of the academy.

With the key in your power, you just have to travel the Academy Aniquilaundo Magos, a small boss and, finally, hunting Rennala, queen of the full moon . The combat has trick, so if you can not finish with her, take an eye on the video that you have some lines below.

After that, it will give you the great rune of it and allow you to change your appearance or reborn paying with one of the lavary tears we can buy to merchants or find hidden in chests. We leave you with the video of the whole process.

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