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Injustice player 2 Discover new brutalities five years later

A data mining has discovered new and unused injusticia 2 brutalities Five years after the initial launch of the game in PS4 and Xbox One. With the crazy speculation about what is working Netherrealm Studios, with rumors that suggest that it is not injusticia 3, injusticia Fans can be trapped with injusticia 2 for a moment. To this end, there is still a community that plays, including a YouTuber called «Ermaccer», which recently published a video that reveals unused brutalities in injusticia 2 that insist are not leftover files of mortal kombat x.

NetherRealm is Working on a NEW GAME. And It May NOT Be Mortal Kombat or Injustice!!!

The most interesting and remarkable of these unused brutalities is a completely unique brutality for Superman. We do not know why this and other brutalities did not reach the game, but it is not uncommon for the content to be cut and discarded during development, only to be discovered later through the game files.

Next, you can see the brutalities by itself, courtesy of Ermaccer:

As noted above, current rumors suggest injusticia 3 is not in active development. The expectation, based on the history of Netherrealm Studios and the previous launch pattern, was that injusticia 3 would have been released by 2021. Obviously, this did not happen. It is now March 2022, almost three years after the launch of mortal kombat 11, and we still do not know what NRS is working on. Some rumors suggest that it is mortal kombat 12 _, _ while others claim that it has something to do with Marvel.

Recently, the Chief of Nrs, Ed Boon, mocked what the study is working, and the provocation of it suggests that it is neither a kombat_ or injusticia game, although this does not mean that it will not involve these characters.

“I can say that for 10 years we were launching mostal kombat and injusticia, momattal kombat and injusticia“, said Boon to a game reporter. “When we broke that pattern, it was much speculated about what we would do next. I can tell you that there was a reason for it, and when we announce our next game, it will be much more sense ». This point, I’ll get into many problems if I say something else. “

At this time, injusticia 3 seems unlikely, but at least injustice fanatics have new brutalities of injustice 2 to see repeatedly between now and when injusticia 3 finally released. Meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler_fischer_ and let me out there. What do you want to see from NRS below?