Elden Ring – How to Get Haligdrake Talisman – Ledge of Tutorial Area (Stranded Graveyard)

The Stranded Graveyard will be the beginning of your trip in Elden Ring. Just before you dip into the tutorial area of ​​the game, you will see a corpse that is looted over them without getting there. In this guide we explain how to get this treasure on the beached Graveyard and what it is.

How to get the stranded cemetery treasure of Haligdrake Talisman

If you are looking for a reply and have not yet done the way to the world, you have to wait a bit and get this treasure. The only thing you need to get this treasure is your horse Torrent, as you have to go to a rear entrance of the Stranded Graveyard to get the treasure.

To get here, you need to go to the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace and then walk exactly west of the spawn point from the edge where you can fall down. Along the cliff there are several platforms that allow you to achieve the reason. In the northwestern corner of this beach area you will find the back entrance to the cave.

The cave is tight and the only goal is the ability to lift the Haligdrake Talisman.

What is the Haligdrake Talisman?

Like other talismans, your character can equip these items for different statistics buffs, boosts and functions for damage reduction. In particular, the HaligDrake Talisman strengthens your loss of damage for holy effects.

  • This item was updated on 3 March 2022

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