Epic Games Store: New Free Game for All

Top 7 Best Free-to-Play Games on Epic Games (Part 1)
In the Epic Games Store you will also receive a PC game for free in the coming week . Meanwhile, what full version is the download platform later distributed. From the next Thursday you have the opportunity to link the full version of Cities Skylines with your playing library. The urban planning hit is available for free from 10 March via the Epic Games Store. The activation takes place at 5 pm at the usual time. You then have time for seven days, CITIES SKYLINES free to connect with your account.

Great urban construction for all for all

That the download is worthwhile to read in our detailed test to Cities Skylines. Published in 2015, urban areas include genre reference and scores with many complex, interlocking systems such as garbage, health, fire hazards, natural raw materials and tourism. The sandbox offers the opportunity to build huge cities in which each individual citizen is simulated. On you have a successful road construction, a very motivating entry-level phase and a comfortable mouse control. The mod support is also excellent.

currently two games for free

Cities Skylines is available for free until March 17, then the full version changes. Also 2022 the Epic Games Store wants to distribute at least a free PC game to users every seven days. Until the activation of Cities Skylines you still receive Black Widow: Recharged and Centipede: Recharged and an item package for Dauntless Free . The new content has been available since yesterday Thursday.

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