Farm Manager 2022: Farm Simulation for Xbox

The Independent Publishing Studio Ultimate Games publishes today together with Cleversan Games Farm Manager 2022 for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Farm Manager 2022 is a farm simulation in which she plays the role of a Farmanager. You must provide the right harvest, the satisfaction of employees, the health of the animals, the efficiency of equipment and the right processing of harvest on the farm.

  • Farm Manager 2022 for Xbox consoles Download – 12,39 instead of 15.49 euros

In Farm Manager 2022, you will find more plant species that you can grow. Build celery, carrots, currants, gooseberries, onions and more. Observe the plant growth and uses new mechanics that enable automatic field management with available employees and machinery.

Enjoy a variety of machines that you can use at work on the field. Buys and sells them on the goods market and sets up fish, ostrich, wild boar and quail farms.


  • Repair and renovation: buys new land and uses materials from abandoned buildings to expand your farm.
  • Fields and crops for installing: builds celery, carrots, currants, gooseberries, onions and more.
  • Agricultural machines: uses a variety of machines that you can use when working on the field.
  • Animals: There are bees, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and cows.

Farm Manager 2022 First Look On Console
* New special building: logistics center, mechanic workshop, veterinarian center and much more
* Seasons and climate: Prepares in the spring the fields, cultivates the plants in the summer, harvesting in the fall and attracts plants in greenhouses in winter.
* Workers: Includes festivals and seasonal employees.

Launch trailer and pictures: