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Two free games on a blow: Epic distributed gifts

How every Thursday Epic Games also distributes gifts to all PC players this time. But instead of offering a free game as usual, all users of the Epic Games Stores can dust two dusts this time.

New free games at EPIC

The Epic Games Store will continue to boycotted by some PC players, but many have long closed the Steam competitors in their hearts. Among other things, this may be because Epic Games almost every week a game goes away from its users .

However, this time the shop is particularly generous, because there are two free games and a Ingame Item package to dust a blow. Here is the overview:

  • Black Widow: Recharged
  • CENTIPEDE: Recharged
  • Dauntless – Epic-Slayer package

In Black Widow: Recharged is your task to save a spider from a non-ending flood of beetles. In Classic Twin Stick Shooter Manner WILL Burperes wildly in the top-down view for you and tries in this way to ward off the aggressive attackers as long as possible.

Black Widow: Decharged Dubbing for free at EPIC Games

_Ein first look to the gameplay is available in the official trailer: _


With Centipede: Recharged , on the other hand, 2D shooter fans also receive a pretty new edition of an old Atari classic, but The gameplay reminds more of Space Invaders than a Twin Stick Shooter. Beetle crawl from left to right line for line over your screen – and you have to hold you on to catch your character, which is usually at the bottom of the screen. Funny shooter action for arcade fans wanting to go on highscore hunt.

CENTIPEDE: Dubbing Recharged for free at EPIC Games

For fans of the free-to-play game Dauntless there is also a small package with Ingame items this week. In the Action-RPG you put in the fight huge monsters and builds new equipment and weapons – optionally alone or together with friends.

With the EPIC offered free of charge “epic slayer” package gets you three days membership in the Slayer Club and a proper batzen premium currency.

Epic-Slayer package free dust