Which Minecraft creature are you? Your star sign reveals it

Each Zodiac Sign Reveals A Monster Hiding Inside Each Of Us, What's Yours?
Horoscopes, astrology and zodiac signs – all this can be very entertaining. You definitely want to know which creature would comply with her in the survival game Minecraft of your star sign? We reveal it to you in our picture line. ## What is your minecraft zodiac sign? The survival world of Minecraft has a wealth of cute, special or mystical creatures to offer. Have you ever wondered about your streaks by the Klötzchen World, which being you would like to match your star sign in the game? We have made the fun to assign the well-known zodiac signs as well as their domineral properties different creatures of the game. Are you a rebellious Enderman? An explosive Creeper? Or a peace-loving cow? Now find out in our picture line :