Cyberpunk 2077: Complete order “Family erister” & Keep the car

For the success “BreathTaking” you need, among other things Johnny’s shoes. That’s why you experience our guide:

  • How to find the “family erosion” in the eponymous order in Cybepunk 2077
  • Where you get the order
  • How to keep the car

In the gameplay you can find seven items of Johnny Silverhand and thus unlock the Achievement “BreathTaking”. In addition to his pants, his jacket and his car you also need his shoes. You can find them during the job “family erister”.

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Family Earth: That’s how you get the order

The Quest “Family Ernstück” is unlocked if your has successfully completed a Street cred level of 35 and the “Ghost Town” mission successfully. If this is the case, Rogue will hire you for the return campaign.

Family eruptors: Solution of the quest

Your destination is a parking lot near the Crockett Street. There you should get a rare bootleg splitter with a recording of Samurai. Travel to the nearby speed trip point and then go to the parking garage.

You have several possibilities ** to penetrate into the building:

  • Forcibly opens the front door if you have at least 13 points on the “Constitution” attribute.
  • At the back of the building you can open a normal door with ten points on “Technical Skills”.
  • Also behind the building is a lower entrance to the parking garage.

The third way does not require a special attribute, but you expect you more opponents ** the 6th Street Gang. In addition, the area is monitored with cameras and it is the longest way to the destination.

Since the square is quite open and offering many cars of view protection, you can try to get a confrontation out of the way and to sneak around the opponents. But that will not be easy.

The easiest way is if you stop the main entrance. Then you only have to go down the stairs and sneak in the park area right into the office. There you will find a marked lock with the searched splitter, Johnny’s shoes and a car key. Uses him at Dans car in the garage and drive to the marked destination.

Car Keep: That’s how it works

Cyberpunk 2077 Gig: Family Heirloom - How to keep the car
You can park the car at the marked spot and go up to the bar to Dan. If you want to keep the car himself, Dan tells nothing about it and of course does not deposit the vehicle at the desired location. The order ends like it or so.

As Reward at the end of the contract you will receive 6,950 Eddies, 565 experience points and 1,270 Street cred points.

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