D & D the complete guide to Xanathar available

Last week, Wizards released a new extension for its role play, Dungeons & Dragons. Title “The Full Xanathar Guide”, this addition to the D & D collection introduces a whole piece of information harvested by Xanar, the greatest lord of the crime.

All this information, which can be used in any campaign or world, official or “homemade” also introduces many new rules and options for both players and options.

The strength of Dungeons & Dragons is that no table will never be identical to another, because everything is customizable, until the series of rules used, and that of Xanathar can bring new game methodologies to your environment !

There is no less than 25 new subclasses for the characters from the player’s manual, archetypes to discover other horizons such as the investigator, subclass of the Roublard, still “the circle of dreams”, subclass of the Druid.

Xanathar's Guide to Everything Review-D&D 5e Books
Very many new spells, racial donations and a new system to develop the story of your character, giving depth to your table and water to the mill for the MJ

But also many other tools to use traps, magic objects and I pass.

While waiting for the next release of the “Van Richten Guide on Ravenloft “, we have something to take care!