VPN service: Secure Surfshark, Nordvpn and other providers currently up to 90% cheaper

Are you looking for a cost-effective VPN service and is waiting for good deals of well-known providers? Then you are lucky! Because services such as Nordvpn, PureVPN, Cyberghost and many more organize a veritable price war in March and beat themselves in terms of discounts. We looked around and looked out the best deals for you.

VPN offers: The best deals in March at a glance

VPN services regularly offer good discounts and offers. We looked around and summarize the current best for you. For all offers you have a money-back guarantee of 30 to 45 days and can best test the services in peace and good for justified non-fell.

  • Ivacy’s VPN service is currently 90 percent cheaper in the 5-year subscription. This means that you only paid 90 cents per month , or 54 euros for the entire period . On-top you get a password manager for free. If you want to test the service once a year, you pay only only 2.08 euros per month

  • At CybergHost VPN service you can currently save 83 percent and pay only 1.99 euros per month in the 3-year subscription. This corresponds to a total of 77.61 euros.

  • The VPN service of Surfshark is also greatly reduced. Currently you can save 82 percent at the end of a 2-year subscription, which corresponds to 2.08 euros per month or a total of 45.68 euros .

  • The VPN service of PureVPN is currently at the time in the 1-year subscription whole 73 percent cheaper and thus pays 2.63 euros per month . The year, it costs 31.54 euros.

  • At Nordvpn you can save neat in the 2-year subscription. There you currently pay only 2.99 euros a month, which corresponds to a savings of 71 percent . In the total amount, the 71.76 euros.

What are VPN services really well?

VPN stands for a virtual private network. The advantages of such networks is that your anonymity and safety are secured during surfing on the Internet by other IP addresses and encrypted traffic. This is especially useful, if you want to log in to public Wi-Fi hotspots more frequently or must be worried that companies can not log any internet behavior. In addition, you can also handle a VPN service to handle the so-called Geoblocking and continue to access your paid streaming providers and their libraries during a trip abroad.