Mutant Ninja Turtle: Multiple of Shredders Korean Panel will be released in 2022

Eise Tou Interactive (H2 Interactive, Representative Huh Jun Hae) is developed by Tribute Games (TRIBUTE GAMES) and Dotemu (Dotemu) is published by Dotemu (Dotemu) ‘mutation ninja turtle: Shredder’s plural’ Korean version PC, PS4 and Nintendo switch It was scheduled to launch in 2022.

The mutant ninja turtle came back to the 80’s style transverse scroll action game. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donato, and Rafael recombine the shells to fight against shredder and its fundamentals, and based on the design of the time, based on the design of the time of 1987, It will bring perfume to the past ninja turtle.

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge - Everything We Know
‘Mutant Ninja Turtle: Shredder’s Multiple’ is based on the annual classical dot mechanism based on the era of the era, and it will be able to use more advanced gameplay experience to the player, and the four-rated game players can be used as a player character, as well as the April O’Neill, the master splinter. It is also possible to play up to 4 people at the same time.

Mutant Ninja Turtle: Multiple Game Features of Shredder

■ Heroes with backscapes: Based on graphics composed of colorful pixel art, choose your favorite turtles to defeat enemies using their own technology. Experience the battle full of breathtaking actions and colorful continuous, ninja’s amazing abilities.

■ Noteworthy Places: To support the stricken plan of Shredder per day, villains such as Beab and Rocksty rack the channel 6 stations and battle on the stage of ninja turtles that are not changed over time. Let’s help you with the enemies of the Mountains of Manhattan and the damp sewer of Coney Island, and to help four heroes to advance to the dimension X.

■ Turtle Power: Take a feeling that you have come back to 80 years over the modern full color pixel art graphics that spent a vintage atmosphere. All characters, vehicles, weapons, items, and backgrounds have been inspired directly in the TV series at the time of 1987, and the adventures full of wonderful humor and action will make it feel like they are in the TV.
‘Mutant Ninja Turtle: Multiple of Shredders’ PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switches In Korea, the launch of the Korean version of the Korean version will be found in the official homepage and Facebook, and YouTube.