Dream is a huge aquarium! Aquarium Specialty Store Management Sim “Aquarist” Early Access Start

Developer Freemind has launched early access for the new simulation game “ AQUARIST “, which runs aquarium specialty store.

In this work, we produced various aquarium in response to difficult requests of customers and earned a reward. We purchase new fish and exotic plants, stores, technology development, etc. and expand our business aiming at the huge aquarium.

    • Create aquarium aquarium ** – Create a perfect place for children with lots of fish, corals, algae, ornaments.
  • Life will be blown up -Make a balanced, safe ecosystem for the residents of the tank. Slight deviations from the parameters required for certain survivals may have a definitive meaning for another species survival.

  • Shop management – Take the customer and difficult tasks and develop the shop.

Careers in Science: Tim Miller-Morgan and Michael Moses
* Explore nature – Learn more about fish and its behavior.

“AQUARIST” is underwriting Steam for Windows for Windows 1,010 yen. 10% off will be applied until March 16. The early access period is that six months to 12 months are assumed.