In the game, “do not stress a player” has been introduced. Devices such as “DISHONORED 2” and “LOL”

Indie Studio Gesinimo Games Founder Salman SHURIE asked the game developer on Twitter for Salman Shurie, “Don’t be aware of the player, to make the game easier to play,”. Development techniques share on SNS have been occasionally done so far, Shurie seems to have been inspired by it. In this paper, we introduce some of the attached devices.

SHURIE first introduces an example of the stealth action game “FistFul of Nothing” as one of the devices introduced by itself. In the same work aiming to escape from the building where the armed enemy is crawling, the enemy is not attacked only when it is in the screen. It is shot from a place where you can not see the player, and it seems that it eliminates the translation and dying frustration.

A device that adjusts enemy attacks by the view of such a player seems to be incorporated into various titles, and more than one post is seen. For example, the programmer Sam Suite, who worked on the Boomerang Action game “Boomerang X”, is revealed that the enemies that appear in the same work will be attacked from the front of the player.

Also in “DISHONORED 2”, the enemies under behind the enemies are not attacking much, and the programmer Laurent Couvidou of the developer Arkane Studios says. At the time of development, he said he was able to leave without being attacked if he went to the enemy, and it seems to be important to adjust well.

Respawn Entertainment Gameplay Programmer Ian Holstead talks about the protozoa Plauer that appears in “Apex Legends”. According to he, he is said to avoid attacking Plaurura for players during down or self-resuscitation. This also means that it is similar to that similar to that described above.

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The Aether Studios Ceo Dan Fornace introduces the device incorporated in the match action game “Rivals of Aether” in a slow video. In the same work that is affected by “Sumabra”, it will be a mistake when it falls from the scaffold. Therefore, even if it is actually at a slightly lower position than the scaffold, it is said that it can be corrected to climb the scaffold with aerial dash. In the image, it can be confirmed that the character moves a bit on the top. If it is a slight position shift, it supports the game side so that the result of the player’s intention to return to the scaffold.

As a result of the device on the player’s operation, many developers listing for the operation input. The Indie Developer George B. Green, which works on the horizontal scroll action game “The BLEAK DIVINE”, as an example, if you want to dodge and roll at the same time as landing, the action will be activated correctly even if you have a dodge roll just before the landing. Talk about the importance of giving a margin of several frames. It is a touch that accsures so-called preceding input, which contributes to a smoother play.

Terrible Posture Games Joe Mirabello is more difficult for the first two plays in the Rogue Like Scuter “Tower of Guns” and adjust the difficulty level to make the third time easier. By doing this, it is said that it will be connected to the player who is used to the game play of the same work.

RIOT Games Technical Designer George Oliver says that some game modes of “League of Legends” are more than how many tower is destroying more than the enemy team. As a result, it is felt that the game is in good shape, and it is necessary to felt that the pain as soon as the game is finished as soon as possible. On the back of the game, it is also done to work on the player’s psychology.

  • INFINITY WARD Game Designer Steve Holmes says that a gun was placed in the toilet at the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” mission “Subject”. He seems to be a device intended to help the player’s player.

3D Artist Tim Skafte, who was involved in “Planet Alpha”, mentions the work currently under development. Although it is a Rogue-like game using dice, it is said that the player is translicting the dice and the same eye comes out, it is recovered again inside the game. It is unknown what kind of work, but it is likely to be a sense of satisfaction with the player’s satisfaction by the fact that different eyes come out each time. Of course, it is not noticed that the player does not notice that a transverse reworking is done, and it is a game unique to the game.

In this way, the game can be played more comfortably because various devices are incorporated in an invisible place in the player’s eyes. Since there are various other examples, if you are interested, please check the thread of the applicable tweet.

In addition, Salman Shurie, who became an origin, mentions a number of devices incorporated into the popular action game “Celeste”. In the magazine, there is also a summary of it. In addition, articles about many of the devices incorporated into the prominent title are here.