PS5 Guide: Ultimate PlayStation Resource

PS5 or PlayStation 5 As its full name, is the fifth Sony living room console. This is the successor of PS4 released in November 2013. The manufacturer announced a exit date PS5 The system first deploying on 12 November in selected regions. The company also confirmed a Price PS5 with stock PS5 now available worldwide. You can find out how to get PS5 stock notifications via the link.

In this ps5 guide, we compiled the ultimate PlayStation 5 resource. We will share everything you need to know about the system’s hardware, including its SSD , Laser and Audio 3D . In addition, you will find All PS5 games announced and All PS5 launch games as well as the truth about RetroCompatibility PS5 . For a more in-depth overview of the console and its features, refer to the following: PS5 magazine – Should you buy it?

Guide PS5: Material

The PS5 is the most powerful PlayStation that Sony has never d1. In addition to a superchargeable Custom CPU and GPU The system also hosts an ultra-fast SSD hard drive , allowing ultra-fast load speeds and fully new experiments. In addition, the console also has launch material rays Support until 120 frames per second breathtaking 8K output and 3D audio **.

  • Ultra fast SSD ** means that the games will take care more quickly than ever. It also means that more data can be extracted from the hard disk faster than on previous consoles, opening new possibilities for game developers, such as interdimensional transitions viewed in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.
  • Hardware tracing makes it possible to simulate individually light rays, creating much more realistic reflections and shadows than those observed on previous consoles. This ultimately allows developers to create more credible visuals, allowing titles like Gran Turismo 7 to push the boundaries of photo realism.
  • Support until 120 frames per second will allow some titles to operate more easily than on the previous consoles. Although it belongs to the developer of the game to make individual decisions on the performances of his titles, the PS5 can process frequencies of lightweight images. Here is a list of All PS5 games running 120 frames per second .
  • 8K output means that the PS5 will be compatible with the 4320p resolution screens. Once again, the resolutions will be at the discretion of each developer, but you must expect the vast majority of titles to work at 4K native with HDR .
  • 3D audio powered by the Exclusive PlayStation Tempest Engine engine, refers to the ability to individually treat thousands of audio sources, creating more immersive sound landscapes that will increase your pleasure while playing.

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Technical specifications

PS5 - The Best SSDs To Consider For Expanding The Console's Storage Space
Technical specifications of the PS5 or Technical specifications means that it is the the most powerful playstation never output . You will find below a complete ventilation of the hardware components of the PlayStation 5.

Component Characteristics
CPU 8 Hearts Zen 2 to 3.5 GHz (variable frequency)
GPU 36CU to 2.23 GHz (variable frequency)
GPU architecture RDNA 2 Customized
Memory 16 GB of GDDR6 memory
Memory Bandwidth 448 GB / S
Storage space Custom SSD of 825 GB
I / O rate 5.5 GB / s (crude), typical 8-9 GB / s (compressed)
Optical reader (optional) Blu-ray 4K UHD player
Dimensions 390 mm x 104 mm x 260 mm *
Weight 4,5KG *
  • The dimensions and weight applies to the standard PS5

Of course, these numbers may not mean much for you in isolation, and you are probably curious about how the PS5 compares both Playstation 4 and its main competitor, the Xbox Series X. Fortunately You can find complete comparisons via the following links. : PS5 against Xbox Series X against Xbox Series * and PS5 against PS4 .

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Sony has focused on the PS5 SSD, which has been customized to allow incredibly fast transfer speeds. The benefits of this technology mean that the games will take care more quickly, but it also offers new game opportunities, such as the interdimensional transitions presented in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. The comparison table below shows the I / O flow differences between several different devices and shows how fast the PS5 is to enter the data from the competition.

Component PS5 XBox X Series Ps4
I / O rate 5.5 GB / s (gross)
8-9 GB / s (compressed) 2.4 GB / s (gross)
4.8 GB / s (compressed) ~ 50-100 MB / S

In terms of storage space PS5’s SSD has a rather low orthodox structure 825 GB capacity (see also: SSD PS5: How much storage space has?), Although you can expand it by buying SSD compatible SSD disks . For a complete list of all PS5 compatible SSD disks See our guide: Best PS5 SSD: SSD Storage Extension M.2 Compatible for PS5 . You can also find out more about the storage solution of the PS5 with our guide: SSD PS5: Why it’s better than the hard drive . And if you need to know how to install a PS5 SSD, look no further: SSD PS5: How to install an internal SSD and extend your storage .

You can install your RetroCompatible PS4 games on the PS5 SSD and enjoy its enhanced loading speeds, but if you prefer to save a valuable storage space, you can also connect an external hard drive. HDD To greatly expand your storage options. For a complete list of best external hard drives PS5 ** Click on the link.

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Laser plot

Laser Plot is a graphical technology designed to simulate the operation of light and shade in the real world. Indeed, the launch of the rays works by simulating and following each radius of light from the source, which gives photorealistic scenes. This is the same technology that is used in CG movies by major film companies like Disney Pixar, and although technology is intensive, it can provide breathtaking results.

You can see the effect in action in a handful of PS5 games to come. For example, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart uses the launch of rays on the clank metal chassis, illuminating its shiny surface and accurately reflecting all light sources nearby. We can also see the effect in action in Gran Turismo 7, both on driver’s helmets, outside the vehicles and inside car cockpits. For more information on Ray Tracing, you can refer to our guide: PS5 ray tracing: What is it?

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3D Sound

Sound 3D Powered by the owner of the PS5 Storm Engine , refers to the simulation of spatial positioning on potentially thousands of different sound sources. Indeed, the technology allows the console to restore the sounds more naturally, which means that the console can simulate spaces and precisely place the sounds according to your position inside. For example, if someone walks behind you, the PS5 will treat the position of these steps and you will hear them as if they occurred in real life.

This promises not only to improve immersion in a wide range of different games, but it can also allow any new game mechanisms, maybe when your vision is altered and you need to use the audio to navigate. Similarly, this technology can be used to improve accessibility, helping to communicate more specifically on screen actions for visually impaired people. You can find out about 3D audio in our guide: 3D PS5 audio: What is the PlayStation 5 Tempest Engine?

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In most cases, the PS5 works without a hitch, but there are some start-up problems that people meet when they become familiar with the new console. For example, some users find their The Dualsense PS5 handle does not load in rest mode , while others report problems with the download queue. As these problems occur, we will try to find solutions to the extent possible, so come back regularly to find patches with current PS5 problems.

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PS5 Guide: Games

A console is nothing without games to play it, and Sony promotes the PS5 with the marketing slogan Laying without limits . Among the advertised games for the new generation console include Marvel’s Spider-Man: Moral Miles, Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West. You can find a complete list of All PS5 games announced via the link. You can also find new output dates of the PS5 game in 2022 and All exclusives PS5 owners and a list of all PS5 rumor games .

The PS5 will also RetroCompatible with PS4, which means you can play thousands of PlayStation 4 games on the next generation console as soon as the launch, with enhancements offered by PS5 game Boost ( But there are still a number of PS4 games requiring a ps5 hotfix. There will also be a upgrade path ** for some titles, which means that if you already have the PS4 version of a particular game, you can play the PS5 edition at no extra charge. This scheme is specific for title and has no…