Real potatoes are also 5 kg present Dungeon Search RPG “Boiled Pieces Flower Flower” for PC / Switching!

Publisher PLAYISM and Developer PON PON GAMES, 3D dungeon search RPG “** Delivery of the puzzle flower for both hands and the pc (STEAM) / Nintendose switch started for PC (STEAM) / Nintendose switch.

Potato Flowers in Full Bloom | Gameplay First Look

The player of this work became a member of the survey team collecting knowledge and magic items, and the alchemist visits the “Hinabat Island” in search of the seeds of crops acquired by the labyrinth. Organize three teams from classes such as “Night” and “Sherman” “Warrior” and search for the bottom of the dungeon to find visionary species. Team members have skill-tree for each class, and you can also grow your own preferences, and you can also customize characters such as tribes and hair colors.

Furthermore, in commemoration of the release of this work, the present campaign of “two hands full” is being conducted. By retweeting the Playism Twitter account by March 16, you will receive 5 kg with a full potato full of real potatoes full of two hands by rating the campaign.

“Both hands filled with palm flower” is delivered for PC (STeam) / Nintendose switch. The price is 1,870 yen. You can also buy 10% off at 1,683 yen for Launch Sale until March 17th.