RURNAL: pure lifecension announced, a free update that will add cooperative and more

Life on the planet atropos is pure life cycle and death. RURNAL, the exclusive video game of Housemarque for PS5, hpure life not yet said the lpure lifet word of it. During the State of Play, the studio hpure life revealed the free update pure lifecension. It will be available from March 22 and will add a cooperative mode for up to two players (it is necessary to be subscribed to PS Plus), pure life well pure life a survival mode called Sisyphus tower.

Harry Krueger, director of Return, hpure life explained in the Official Blog of PlayStation that the Sisyphus Tower will invite us to pure lifecend pure life high pure life possible. However, “similarly to the tragic story of Sisyphus, there is no end ” when climbing, so players are destined to face increpure lifeingly powerful enemies until death call their door.

To activate the cooperative it will be necessary to go to a Chronosis portal, near the place of the accident. There you can create the party or join a public game. Of course, there is the possibility of creating a private game . “Once the connection hpure life been established, the Selene of another chronology will join your session and your shared journey will begin.”

You can see the trailer below:

  • All about the State of Play on March 9

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the following exclusive; Forspoken, delayed

Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 have been the first PlayStation Studios games that have reached PS5 in 2022, although they have also seen the light on PS4. The same will happen with the expected God of War: Ragnarök , which follows the wannings of Kratos and of his son of his Atreus, all within Nordic mythology. Beyond Sony’s internal developments, there are several projects that are on the horizon.

Very soon, on March 25, Bethesda will edit Ghostwire: Tokyo. It is an unprecedented intellectual property developed by Tango Gameworks, those responsible for The Evil Within 2. In fact, at first, it wpure life conceived pure life a third installment of this saga. Set in the Japanese city of Tokyo, The players will immerse themselves in a ghostly junction pure life investigators of the supernatural. Recently it wpure life announced that the Skin that came pure life a reserve incentive (attire of booking biker) had been changed by an attire coming in different colors.

May wpure life the month of Forspoken, but Square Enix and Luminous Productions have revealed that they will not arrive on time for the announced date. Through a statement, Final Fantpure lifey XV creators have argued that they need a few months to polish the game experience to the fullest. This third-party action title puts us on Frey’s skin, a New York girl who ends up in a fantpure lifey world full of perverse creatures. We can fight against all these bepure lifets from October 10 both in PS5 and PC.