Travel between two worlds in Young Souls

Edited by The Arcade Crew, the RPG Beat’em up playable in cooperation young souls comes out today. The game, developed by 1P2P Studio, is available now on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4. It is also present in the Game Pass.

Young Souls - Official Launch Trailer

In Young Souls, you play Jenn and Tristan, twins with a well tempered character. Orphans since an early age, they could only rely on themselves for a long time. But everything has changed the day when their path has crossed that of a nice scientist a little zinzin. Become their mentor, the latter disappears mysteriously. Well decided to find their adoptive father, Jenn and Tristan will have to face hordes of goblins and boss overcrowding in a surreal and threatening parallel world.

During the adventure, you will be able to customize your equipment by unlocking hundreds of weapons, armor parts or accessories. What to find your happiness to decide goblin and overcome the twenty boss present in the game. Only 4 biomes will be exploring in the kingdom of goblins as well as dozens of dungeons.


Features of Young Souls