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Here the new advances of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreams Edition

We are just one month after the launch of _ Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreams Edition _. In this way, Square Enix has shared a series of videos on your social networks, which give us a better look at the skills that will be available throughout this adventure.

The first video shows us in action The ability of Dash & Slash of Serge , which is obtained by getting three stars in the game.

The second of these is Luminaire . For those who played chrono trigger, this is the same skill as Chrono uses to destroy all their enemies with electric magic.

While these clips are quite short, this shows us a little more of the remastery. Since its revelation, the public has expressed a series of mixed opinions regarding this work. While some are happy to see this classic of PS1 back, with the inclusion of Radical Dreamers, others are not happy with the way in which this game has been climbed.

_ Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreams Edition_ will arrive at PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC next April 7 . On related topics, the official site for the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy is now available.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition - Announce Trailer | PS4
Editor’s note:

While I can not deny that some visual aspects of this remastery could be better, I am more than happy to see that Chrono Cross, as well as Radical Dreamers, an exclusive game of Japan, will finally be available in modern consoles.