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LOL: The problem ignored by Riot with Tryndamere that the community can not understand

There are times as the imbalances of League of Legends arrive without warning and we do not have much to reproach the developer’s equilibrium team. We all make mistakes and manage such a complex system as the one of a mob that is on track to introduce its champion 160 is practically impossible. However, there are other situations in which it simply is not understood because the Riot Games team decides to ignore a problem until it becomes too late. It is the case of Tryndamere , a character who has been receiving changes for months and begins to piss the community.

An ignored problem that Cabrea to the League of Legends community

Why Tryndamere is a PROBLEM
Since it appeared in competitive on the occasion of the past world championship, it has been becoming a very serious alternative to win games that even use professionals with great results. The problem is that, unlike other extremely effective champions, this fighter is considered by the community as one of the most toxic heroes . Players consider that it offers too many results for the skill it requires and that there are barely ways to face it, offering as an example some surreal players of Tryndamere.

This perception has progressively become a greater number of bathing that Riot has ignored systematically despite showing a trend more than worrisome.

As we see in the graph, made from the data obtained with the qualifying items played in platinum or higher ranges, The Tryndamere Bandei Ratio has risen non-stop from patch 11.23 launched in November 2021. A situation that, accompanied by a victory rate that has come to reach 52%, could well have motivated a reduction of power. From Riot Games they have ensured that the percentage of Baneos is a criterion used for the nerfs of the champions and thus figure in its action framework.

Given the circumstances, It seems difficult to understand because changes have not yet been introduced to the character . After the recent adjustment to Zeri on patch 12.5b, Tryndamere is located between the two most feared by high MMR players. A circumstance that could be translated into a change face to the 12.6 patch. We understand that adjusting a game of the magnitude of League of Legends is not easy, but it does not seem reasonable that Riot Games can continue to ignore such evident signals.