Lucifer Within US Analysis

Best of Lucifer Within Us is his atmosphere because, despite being a detective and research center, he does not use the typical scenarios that we find in this type of proposals. Instead of taking us to Victorian London, the dirty streets of New York at 50, or to a futuristic city illuminated by neon lights, the game of Kitfox Games moves us to a retrofuturist abbey on the role of an exorcist under the orders of the Summo inquisitor. The society that presents us the game is deeply religious and all the progress we could find in a science fiction work – from post-humanistic implants to learning by plug-in- are put here at the service of faith and spirituality.

There is something very refreshing in fictions that, based on logic and deduction, leave space for mysticism, admitting that both sides of the currency are part of the right of what makes us human. But while science fiction, following the wake of successes as dune or even star trek, _ have always had this present, detective stories, inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Kogorō Akechi or even Poirot, tend to eliminate this type of this type of elements. In a way it makes sense. For detective stories to work, it is essential to create a strict universe where everything works rationally; A world in which miracles or unexplained facts are only a puzzle that we have to decipher. However, the introduction of supernatural, mythical or spiritual elements can help, as is the case of Lucifer Within US, to add layers to _Worldbuilding and complexity to the main characters. To remind us that everything makes sense _Today but that the understanding has a limit that we can not always cross.

One of the first elements that linked Lucifer Within Us with the classical detective stories is its structure in the form of small cases that vehiculate a great research, in this case, the mystery of the return of demons to Earth after more than 100 years Without possessions. Of this type of stories, the developers of Kitfox Games also take the idea of ​​presenting ourselves the game in the past, as part of the sister newspapers of Sister Ada, one of the most respected exorcists of the moment. But although we started in this family so familiar, we are quickly dragged into the Abbey of Santa Walpurga, a highly technological monastery where an unexpected death should be cataloged as an accident or murder.

The main reference of Lucifer Within US is the Phoenix Wright saga from which it takes its two main playable elements: the exploration of small scenarios and the contrast of the testimonies of the witnesses and defendants. Here, after talking to the different characters and annotating the different clues that we find in the environment, we can ask the suspects to tell us their version of the facts to establish a temporary line. The first of our objectives, once we have the different temporary lines in the interface, will be to face some testimonies with others, so that we can verify them and qualify them with the objective of making them progressively more concrete. In addition, to get different details, we can ask the characters about their statements or the statements of the rest of defendants, as well as contradict them and press them with the tests.

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One of the most interesting elements of the testimonial phase is found in the recreation of the facts and in the way in which, as if of a stealth game, we can see how far the character range of the characters reaches. With solutions of this type, the title tells us that instead of finding an unquestionable truth, corroborated by all the testimonies, it is possible that the testimonies differ between them according to where the narrator was paying attention. In addition to a glossary of the characters and a description of the different clues that we are finding, the interface will let us access the different psychological features of the defendants that we discover after the successive interrogations. These traits will be one of the three pillars, along with the opportunity and the means, with which we will form a formal accusation with which to resolve the case.

Instead of penalizing us for performing different accusations, Lucifer Within Us incorporates them as a research tool. If we accuse a character but we do not know how to present a proof that he has had the opportunity to commit the crime, it will come up with the accusation, adding even more data to our temporary line. Perform accusations and refute the statements of the characters will also help us to analyze their reactions in order to find out the reason, the most important part of the case, which will be essential to identify the demon that we will have to exorcize. After understanding the case, and with the help of a book of demonology, we will have to call the devil by the name of him and ask him to leave, which will provide us with a clue for the final confrontation with Satan.

Lucifer Within US It is unchecked from the rest of similar games because it does not concentrate on the big turns but in the smallest interactions. The title of Kitfox Games leaves us space to ask, to try different strategies and to explore your universe in different degrees of depth. As it is natural in the genre, there are times when as players we reach the conclusions before the characters and can be done something tedious follow all the playable steps to get the progress in-game. However, this rigidity is anecdotal while the Evil we face is absolute. The fallen walks again between us and recognizing it is the only way we have to stop it.

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