Necklezu launched, Super Sonic 2 Domestic release is April 6

The Super Sonic follow-up of the “Successful Games” and the “Successful Games Written Movie” on the fans will be released on April 6,

Paramount Pictures Korea announced on the 14th that it has announced its official 2 poster and the domestic release date through its official Facebook. The published poster was expressed in blue and red, representing the Sonic and Knuckles that establish a sharp confrontation angle, and the Golden Ring, which symbolizes each character, and the Golden Ring, which symbolizes the Sonic, has a major character, such as Robot Nick, Tales.

Accordingly, on the 14th, the Paramurter Pictures Formal YouTube was released by the “The fastest trailer in the world”, which is the subpower of the Subsuronic 2 new trailer. It can be seen that when you look at the video, it contains the main contents of the movie in a short period of time. Although I passed in an instant, Major People and the Major Patterns, such as Sonic, Tales, Robot Neck and Neckles, and various parody elements.

Movie Super Sonic 2 is a subsequent subsequent one-sized film that was released in February 20, 20, and the Sonic is a hedge-based factor. At the time of the opening, the Sonic’s characteristic of the game was well suited and received a favorable performance with the excellent acting of Jim Carri, who was in charge of Robotann. Based on this, the Super Sonic 1 is ranked 2nd in the North American box office in 2020.

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On April 6, Super Sonic 2 is a new figures with Sonic, Robotrick, a new person with Dr. Robotrick, and Tales and Nuckles appear. Sonic is working in Hero in San Francisco after one piece. Dr. Robotrick, who was kicked out with the mushroom planet on the mushroom planet, returns to the Earth using the chaos emerald power for revenge, and it is suitable with the Sonic to recruit a knuckle with a strong punch with a powerful punch. Sonic, which was a tile, which is a tile, which is a nurturing in the Robotonic and Neckles Combi, is aware of the tricks with the help of Tales. The Robot Nick to conquer the world and Sonic’s journey to stop this will be the center of the movie.