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How to preserve in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin - Before You Buy

The game in a new game time may seem frightening, especially when the team of enemies, which are waiting to undermine your health. Stranger of Paradise is a game in which you always should have relevant saving. You may be interested in how to save in Stranger of Paradise.

While in most games there are auto storage and saving optional, there is no Stranger of Paradise. This game is built as old games where you have to find save point or in this case cubic to save your progress. Several cubes are scattered in each location, and good practice is to save in each of them.

You can also save on Mission menu If you do not feel that you can cope with another dungeon at the moment. If you do not use these two storage points, you will not be able to guarantee your progress. If you picked up a good gear, act carefully or go back to the last Cuba, which you found to save your progress.

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