Casual vs hardcore! “Elden Ring” MOD producers confront the difficulty level

Overseas MODDER ODASHIKONBU has released the low difficulty MOD “EASY MODE FOR ELDEN RING” for the latest From Software “ Elden Ring ” for PC.

From software has many hardcore works, and this work is also finished in high-time action games without leaking to the example. However, there was a unique world view and the degree of knowledge, and the difficulty was a hurdle for the player “I’m a casual gamer but it looks like”.

The “Easy Mode for Elden Ring” MOD published this time is milding with the hardcore side of this work “50% damage to 50%” “25% increase in damage” and “10 times the earning runge 10 times” Can. The comment field of this MOD page is grateful to the words of gratitude from many casual gamers.

Elden Ring Is Not A Ten Out Of Ten
On the other hand, SilentVerge02, Overseas MODDER, “Easy Mode” MOD has been tired of seeing that MOD appeared every day, “has released high difficulty MOD” Prepare to Die (Hard Mode) “. In the former MOD explanation section, it was noted that “for angry gamers” was created, but here, it is noted that “I do not go to an angry person”. In addition to changing the strength of the enemy to the second week after the main MOD, it is also possible to strengthen AI, etc., but in the comments section, you can check many users who claim “I want you to make more difficult”.

With regard to the difficulty of the game, various opinions have been made such as “I can not enjoy it if it’s too difficult” and “I can’t enjoy it if it’s too difficult”, but this work is also the center of the discussion of high difficulty.. In addition, when using MOD, you must disable “offline mode” and “EasyAnti-CHEAT”. Also, because both are informal MODs, the introduction is your own responsibility.