Level Infinite, Goddess of Victory: Nike Offline FGT

Level Infinite has been developed by the shift-up and announced that it has set up the port of mobile smiling game “victory: Nikke”, the FOCUS Group Test of the victory.

This FGT has been applied to the version of the user who collected the user’s opinion at the 2021, including the improvement of the shooting and improvement and rich story composition, and was held at Gangnam Moe, last 15 days.

Different groups have participated in a total of 5, and after the testing, the questionnaire and individual interviews have been honestly delivered to their opinions.

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Testers did not spare praise for many characters that the shift-up was born through craftsmanship,

In addition, we have led to the fun part of the 3-person shooting (TPS) and strategy and shooting, and skills, such as strategy, shooting, skill, etc.

In addition, as many content was not opened as a test version, many testers have a great immunity to many testers to increase expectations for formal services.

One tester to participate in FGT “I knew information about the game through various videos, but I could feel the difference in the difference between seeing the actual play,” he said, “I expressed a satisfaction.

Level Infinite and Shift-up plans to accomplish the completeness of the Tester from this FGT and then the completion of the completeness of the pre-formation of the formal service.

Meanwhile, ‘Goddess of victory’, known as ‘Project Nicke’, is the overwhelming quality, which introduces the latest technology, such as context-based lip motion technology, spine, and physics engine, and unlike other games, It is characterized by a facial expression that can be peeked with a steady fire, feeling.