PS plus April 2022 games: date and time of revelation

We still have to wait for a while until the new PS plus titles appear for April. After all, we already know when the free games for April 2022 will be announced when Sony considers itself to the established rhythm:

  • Expected appointment: Wednesday, March 30, 2022 *
  • Expected time: 17: 30 o’clock (German time) *
  • When are the new games available? Tuesday, April 5, 2022 (The activation of the games is usually occurred at 12 o’clock at noon German time)

* How is this date? The new PS plus titles are usually published on the first Tuesday of the New Month. The announcement takes place on the last Wednesday of the previous month at 17:30, so the 30th of March for the revelation and the 5th of April arise as the day of activation.

Like every month, time will of course introduce you to the new games punctually this time and update this article as soon as it’s time.

PS Plus March 2022: This time there are extra lots of free games

Before the new games are announced for April, of course you can still get the free titles for March. This time you expect four games that you can download without additional costs if you have a PS plus subscription:

__11 __4

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PS plus in March 2022: The free games for PS4 / PS5 make you a Samurai and Ninjas


Get GTA online for free

If you have a PS5, you can also get another free game next to the PS plus titles, Namely GTA Online. Suitable for the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions of GTA 5 is available for online mode for free in the store. The offer is limited time, so it grabs you before it’s g1. By the way: You do not need a PS plus subscription to get the game – but you want to play it, you need an active membership.

All improvements in the Enhanced Edition of GTA 5 we have listed you in a separate item. How your GTA online character is transferred from the PS4 to the PS5 version and why this can lead to problems when you want to play with friends, we explain you here.

Is there a leak to the PS plus games in April 2022?

PS PLUS April 2022 | Is It Finally Happening? | PS PLUS PS News #psplus
So far not. The last few months the PS plus titles were concerted several times correctly before the announcement several times by the French deal site Dealabs. So far, there is no leak for April, but that can change. time will update this article accordingly should that be the case.

Are you asked now: Which PS plus games do you want you for the April-lineup?