Anno MutationoM: How to save your game

Anno: mutationem is a new cyberpunk action game and adventures of the developer Thinkingstars, and brings many 2D action fighting along with a series of missions involved. You will want to know how to maintain your progress as you advance in history. Here is how to save in Anno: mutationoem .

Keeping your game in Anno: mutationem

The game will be automatically saved regularly, but if you want to know exactly where you will be and what team you will have ann when you lose the game, there are also a couple of ways to keep manually.

Keep manually using computers that are found in different areas of the world, as in Ann’s apartment or Nakamura bar, The Sicilian Jar. There are also computers within the levels and during the missions you will undertake.

In addition to saving using a laptop, you can also save from Spring Water stations, which look like small swimming pools. These groups will cure Ann completely and also allow you to travel fast, so they are much more valuable than the storage points of the computer in general.

That’s all you need to know about how to save in Anno: mutationem . Be sure to search action fighting and consult the items below to see more of our game coverage if you want to get more information about it.

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