TUNIC Forest Fortress and below the Collectible Guide of the East Vault

Sayo, the adventure game about a small fox dressed in a tunic is now available and with it, you can immerse yourself directly into action. In the extensive world of the game, you will find all kinds of collectibles. In this SAYO Forest Fortress and Under The Eastern Vault Collectible Guide, we will cover the locations of all the collectibles that we have found so far in the Forest Fortress and Beneath the Eastern Vault Overworld game area.

What can I do with each Sayo Collectible?

There are a number of different collectables that can be found in tunic. Each one has a different purpose, such as improving your Zorro statistics or helping you learn about the game. Our guide center has a section on what makes each tunic collectable in detail. We cover the solutions and locations of Tunic Fairy and the solutions and locations of TUNIC Secret Treasure too! We also have a location guide on the pages of the Tunic Instruction Manual!

Next, you will find the locations of Pages of the instruction manual, magic potions, update elements, skill cards and gold coins!

Sayo Collectibles of forest fortress | Map of locations

Forest Fortress – Instruction Manual Pages

  • Page 6/7 – (Forest Fortress) From the first Fox Shrine, go to the northwest, then, when you reach the intersection in T, take the road on the left and release the obelisk. Directly in front of you are these pages.
  • Page 36/37 – (Forest Fortress) After leaving below the east fault of spiders, you will reappear in the forest on a balcony. Go to the southwest to find these pages.

Forest Forestry – Green Feathers

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* After leaving the under the failure of this infested from spiders, you will reappear in the forest on a balcony. Go to the door directly to your west and this chest will be inside.

Forest Fortress – Skill Letters

  • Tobillera – Allows you to walk on traps.
    In the Far East of this map, next to the sail icon, walk towards the north side of the staircase that leads to the candle. There is a hidden chest with this letter.

tunic under the eastern vault collectible | Map of locations

under the eastern vault – pink flowers

  • Continue through this mazmorra infested with spiders until reaching the cells of jail. Enter the final cell on the right to find a chest with this flower.

Under the East Vault – Blue Fungi

  • After reaching the upper level of the dungeon, at the top left of the map. Press the switch to create bridges and unlock the check for this fungus.

under the eastern vault – gold coins

  • From the final room of this minimazmorra, where is the obelisk you let fall, go to the northern tip of the room and destroy the boxes stacked to reveal a room. Inside the room there is a chest with the gold coin.

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