“The game changes the educational paradigm” … Pono Sapiens aim after z generation [IT magnifying glass]

[Kids News 24, 24) “” We will now use the new tools to use this new tool and create some knowledge. “

Shin Min-cheol Daegu Jinwol Elementary School Teacher emphasized the educational effects of the game at the debate of the ‘game of the game on the 18th of the 18th. As humanity is increasingly untouched by smart devices, it is explain that the paradigm of education needs to be changed to suit digital conversion.

On this day, the event was hosted by Ha Tae Kyung (KIMP) (KIMP),

On this day, Shin Min-cheol Teacher said, “It is called ‘Pono Sapienes’,” I am born nowadays, “I am born,” I am born, “I will be” Pono Sapienes “,” I can concerned that the intellectual capabilities would have been dropped, but the fact is that the fact that The characteristics of those who have strengths. ” She said she said, “The reason why I need a game in education is because of the students.”

In particular, he emphasized that the most effective subjects that can utilize the game were mathematics. He introduced a case that he had grafted game elements in a mathematical course in a professor learning situation, as an example of a program called the ‘Best Math Classroom’, which was broadcasted in EBS in 2019. In the program, children felt interesting for mathematics through the game, and parents who have distrusted new lessons have also acknowledged the learning effect of the game.

“Mathematics is a typical spiral curriculum, as it is a typical spiral curriculum, it is difficult to go to the next step when a learning deficiency occurs.” But when he diagnosed through the game, it can be exactly what a student does not know what part, “I mentioned.” He added that the student was only a game, but it is surprised that he knows how he does not know what to do.

A description is a game that reduces the burden of students, raises motivation, and increasing learning immersion. However, he emphasized that it will be able to open the possibility of data and research in education, as it is lacking of data and research in Korea.

As a result of the preliminary condition for the activation of game linkage education, the Research Institute of Education Research Institute of Education Research Institute emphasized four of the capabilities of devices, routers (AP), content, and teachers. The device may be a big budget for a device, but it is an explanation that it is easy to change the perspective, such as reducing the development and distribution costs of textbooks.

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He also emphasized that he was always the biggest obstacle, and sufficient content should be provided as the biggest obstacle in utilization of the education data. In addition, even if I could not use a hundred years of development, I mentioned that the knowledge and competence of teachers are necessary as it is difficult to use in the classroom.

The director of Lee Jangdi-gi Culture, director of the director of the Chairperson on this day, said, “The fact that it is a small budget, and there is a lot of work to realize a good functional game,” he pointed out. “(Through game education), not just a problem that is well received by the grades, but to achieve a good quality of life, but to achieve the purpose of the life of life, Korea Content Promotion Agency, I would appreciate it if I aggressively help me. “