Caused! StudiVZ closes after 16 years – what existed last?

What about the games? Create the drivers on the particular web pages: “It functions with high stress at the movement of the games.

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Most of these games have likewise been readily available on studiVZ and also meinVZ.

When do the pages make largely? PoolWorks composes: Consequently, we terminate your existing individual agreement for the program of 31.03.2022. After that, all customer data is irrevocably removed on StudiVZ/ MeinVZ.

After 16 or 14 years now is ultimately the verdict and also the platforms go away. This has explained the driver PoolWorks in emails to signed up customers.

The deals, which are still readily available on meinVZ as well as studiVZ, are to be transferred to the GameVZ as quickly as possible.

PoolWorks announced insolvency in 2017, but began a comeback in 2019. In 2020, a successor was provided with VZ, which has currently been renamed in Gemsevz. The platform markets on-line games as well as is funded by money making of these games.

Pages are “practically so outdated that a more procedure does not make sense”.

  • There were still pages like StudiVZ and MeinVZ before Tiktok and also Instagram. These are social platforms, which were still referred to over 10 years ago as Facebook rivals.
  • The platforms additionally got the “clogging” feature known. Gruscheln is a particularly wonderful form of the welcoming as well as is a combination of “cuddling” as well as “greet”.
  • Relying on the page, different target groups were attended to how to quickly identify on behalf of StudiVZ. In the past, there was additionally a trainee VZ, however that was already shut well earlier.
  • At that time, it was mainly interaction platforms that used similar attributes. Till 2011, in Germany, a lot more users than Facebook, in 2009, were the membership varieties of StudiVZ at 6 million. (Giga.de).
  • But with the prominence of the bigger platforms, studiVZ and meinVZ were constantly smaller sized up until they inevitably came to be extra to the system for online games than a social medium.

If you still have important pictures or other information in your dusty profiles, you must save them previously.

That’s why it’s over now: After over a decade, it is probably simply also costly to keep the sides online. It would not even be beneficial to bring them to the current state-of-the-art.

On top of that, the theft of the Russian market had in addition to substantial, economic losses due to the war in Ukraine.

Initially, up to 16 million users should have been energetic throughout the network, 2015 one reported a low factor of 1 million individuals. According to the Established Scene Page (through BusinessInsider), the month-to-month number of visitors happened from 466 million in May 2010 to 77 million at the end of 2011.

Originally, the step was currently prepared in 2014, yet was delayed because of user requests.

What is that? .

16 years after the development, studiVZ makes the doors largely.

16 years after the emergence, studiVZ makes the doors densely. What concerning the games? Compose the operators on the corresponding web pages: “It functions with high stress at the migration of the games. When do the pages make largely? ** PoolWorks composes: Consequently, we terminate your current customer contract for the program of 31.03.2022.