How to get divine characters in the simulator Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator

Divine characters are the best fighters that you can get in the simulator anime-fighters Roblox, even above the mythical and secret. All fighters in the game are inspired by famous anime characters, but these deities represent some of the best – Vegito, Mute, Indehvor and others. These special characters apply the greatest damage from all the fighters, but only six or seven are available to collect them.

Since the deities are the most powerful and rare characters in the game, collect them can be a challenge. It requires patience and good luck, but in the end it will definitely happen. Here are the best ways to maintain this divine character.

HOW TO get DIVINE FIGHTERS fast (Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator)

Increase your luck

You are going to you need good luck To collect some deities. Convenient, you can Purchase Some guaranteed luck directly from Store menu . These gaming subscriptions will bring you more good luck and increase your chances of receiving these brilliant characters. Nevertheless, they are a little robuks and the more good luck you are looking for, the more expensive it becomes.

If you prefer not to spend robux You can get some Luck increases for executing tasks listed in your improvement menu. These increases will not last so long, but still can help you collect something good.

Clean place in inventory

Since you have to buy a lot of fighters, you will need as much space in your character’s inventory If you hope to collect the Divine. You will be awarded some updates performing various tasks on the islands, or, if you prefer to have a more significant space, you can buy it for robuks in the store.

Continue to buy fighters

That the main way Collect the Divine Fighter means to hold Purchase as many stars as possible . There is only a very small chance to open a character higher rarity, so these bonuses of good luck and improvement will be useful. You want to buy as many fighters as possible until it is divine. Farming AFK is a great way to achieve this.

Tiny task This is a popular program used by AFK farmers, and it is ideal for this method. Configure Screen entry It will constantly continue to buy fighters, and you can do it all night until you get what they hope.

multiple opening

Multiple opening will also make it much easier and will not take much time. Multi-opening allow you to open a more significant number of stars at a time, which means that you will pass much more and you will have more chances to get the Divine. You can purchase a Multi Open update to Buy or collect Unlock the stars, passing tests in protection mode.

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