Pokemon Silver: 20 years have made it even better

The silver Pokémon edition was the perfect game for long car rides 20 years ago. After 20 years, the hunt for pocket monsters can still inspire. Some fights (you are meant miltank) have even become harder.

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Pokémon: Silver Edition – a lot of cheers, a lot of screaming, even after 20 years

So I also found the Pokémon series as a child, because they could bother so much “Open World” round-fight role-play power on this little box, we went no later than the remake of the red edition, finally separate ways. Handheld Zock was no longer contemporary for me in the face of large TV and gloomy Playstation adventure and more than 150 Pokémon I could never notice myself anyway. But 20 years later, the Corona Pandemic gamers like me before a boredom conflict in a never-way-existing extent.

So, with which game I can completely switch off this whole apocalypse completely? I knew I needed really heavy guns, with a lot of freedom, lots of nostalgia and little pixels, so only a variety left: chunky “Game Boy Color” – Searched. After a weeklong eBay search, I finally had this little silver cartridge in the hand, which had saved me at that time before the highway boredom. Welcome back, Pokémon: Silver Edition, old friend! Are you just as difficult as then? No, heavier! **

No, it’s just not just 16 Order collecting, beat Team Rocket and defeat the champion! My respect to all kids who have mastered Pokémon silver at that time! Compared to today’s, rather light games, this Poké edition requires not only a high resource management over balls, potions and items, but also good coaching for your own team. And to know when one is strong enough to climb the next level in the league.

Anyone who wants to avoid the classic beginner error to exercise only a single Pokémon to the beast, creates a good plan that Pokémon must be trained when to trust each individual. Because thanks to the different types of element and weaknesses, each Pokémon can sometime be useful at some point, even a small zubat. But it requires a lot of patience and knowledge about the individual types of nature. This is rewarded with a good team that does not let you down.

I do not know how I did that at that time. For I had also been the one who used the master ball for an absolute noob-Pokémon. But whether I’m a better or worse coach today, I enjoy the game’s driving roadtrip today, with a great goal in mind, the Pokémon world with its iconic cities, the black and white Feude with my archenone, the 8bit music, which can ride everything from melancholy to absolute freedom of liberty, the talks, the graphics and the sweet border features such as phoning and fishing.

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But if there is one that is even more impressed today, it is that I have 20 years more video game experience than at that time, but I still have to sweat by some fighting . No, more! I was even lucky enough to introduce my return to the Silver Pokémon Edition the two most exciting struggles of my entire coach career , which I did not care for possible. Below I summarize you together:

  • Arena in Dukatia City: Miltank rolls everything flat. I can do it on fire. But that does not matter, as it defeats everything immediately with his increasingly stronger attack. If it is not one of my Pokémon K.O. beats, it drinks his milk drink and heals again. Burning, healing, fighting, burning, healing. This fight runs forever . In the end, only my Noob-Pokémon remain left and each gives a weak blow before being defeated. In the end it is my always underestimated Felino , which has the insane happiness that Miltanks last attack also goes on and turns off with a last attack.

  • Arena in Teak City: Genggar brings all my Pokémon to sleep and then defeat them with dream eaters. Although I manage to eliminate the Gengar, but most recently, my hope rests on Togepi , which must fight against a nebula. And no, there is no greater gambling than his metronome attack, which always expresses itself in a completely random attack type. A nonsense after another thunders on nebulak, to all overflow also the switching attack , which kills both Pokémon after three rounds. (Remembrance: We both had one more. What happens to be a draw?) This duel, on which no one has more bock, is not even the metronome attack, fortunately ends a lap later. Togepi wins.

In fact, I have not finished my game run and thus have many nice hours and maybe even more exciting fighting in front of me – especially when I can travel to Kanto immediately after Jotho! Even 20 years and hundreds of games later, my fascination for Pokémon silver remains unbroken.

It is nice to see that this game still keeps me faith after an eternity and preserves me before boredom, as well as in the game itself my Pokémon told me the loyalty and prepared by me all the decisive championship.