Turk Gücü Friedberg finds Weber

Marx vs Weber - Lütfi Sunar

A week ago, coach Carsten Weber announced his from Türk Gücü Friedberg. A few days after the start of the relegation round, the abandoned Hessigan was forced to act. At the 2: 4 defeat on Saturday against the SV Steinbach, goalkeeper Robert Cue was still as an exercise leader on the game report bow, at the guest match in Hanau next weekend it will be Enis Dzihic. As the club announced on Thursday, the 47-year-old enters the Weber Succession.

His first training has the A-license owner, who was only presented in the winter break at Verbandligist SV of Bosnier Frankfurt as a new coach, already led on Wednesday evening. “In such a situation, it’s about mentality and the basic characteristics of football,” said Dzihic to “Frankfurter New Press”. He tries to convey his new team next to his own sporting experience and classical training content. “That the team has the playful quality, is out of question. But it looks like this is too little implemented,” says the new coach, who once once for red-white Erfurt, Wiesbaden and the FSV Frankfurt against the round leather stepped.