All preset inputs WWE 2K22 – Full list

Matches are always waiting with a look at the WWE show and games, but what really worries the crowd, so this is the entrances. Each fighter has its own input sequence and theme, and if everything is done correctly, it can cause goosebumps. Here are all the presets of the entrance in WWE 2K22.

There are two types of inputs: for a single game and for team events. We will look at both below.

Inputs for a single game

You will find them in Login Section in Creations Menu. Wrestlers are not with all the names of the entrance, since sometimes they can be for personal personalities, or just the default animation from which you can choose.

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Mark command inputs

  • All night long
  • Australian aggression
  • Team b: Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel
  • banker and creature : Tyler Breeze and marine creature (WWE 2K20 DLC)
  • Bar: Shamus and Cesro
  • Brother Hardkore: Dudley Boys
  • Fighters of Bulls: Los Matadores
  • Club: Luke Gallow and Karl Anderson
  • cyber connection
    Dream Team : Greg Valentine and Brutus “Tumbler” Bifkake
  • Extreme weather conditions: Natural disasters
  • Fire and desire: Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville
  • Fists in the air: Nation of domination
  • Birds of Freedom: Free birds
  • FUNKADACTILS: Naomi and Cameron
  • General tag 1-7
  • Hollywood blondes : Steve Austin and Brian Pillman
  • Hooligans: Paul London and Brian Kendrick
  • Brothers Haip: Modzho Rowley and Zach Rider
  • I have children: Hit Slater and Ryuno
  • Just fists: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder
  • Only surnames: Blake and Murphy
  • Landless
  • Nice couple
  • Ray Dragons: Calisto and Sin Kara
  • moves per million dollars: Darren Young and Titus O’Neill
  • Mix tags 1-4
  • Mizatuzh: MIZ, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas
  • never lost
  • batch agreement
  • Painful literature: Pain authors
  • Perth Great: Billy Kay and Peyton Rois (WWE 2K20 DLC)
  • Puerto Rico Pride: Primo and Epico
  • rider
  • Rock N-Roll: Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson
  • Rock-n-juice Connection: Rock and humanity (Mick Fewie)
  • grazing kiwi: bushwakers
  • Sons Bayu
  • Soldiers and gentlemen: Water devices
  • Extreme Command Party Tagged
  • Waste: Ascension
    • World-level brothers and sisters: ** Kevin and Kerry von Erich
  • The greatest team of the world: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

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