Where did you drink in Fortnite Chapter 3 season 2?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is now in full swing, and players are looking forward to the opportunity to interact with all new NPCs added to the game. They drank, one of the most beloved fans of characters in Fortnite, is now on the map as NPC, and players can interact with it in daily mountain POI.

Saws is in the room inside Last building to Eastern output at The Daily Bug Poi . Players can follow the link below to the map to accurately see where this new NPC is. You can land on the terrace of this building and break the roof to get straight into the room.

Players will receive free consumables, simply interacting with the saw. You can also purchase the following items from this NPC in exchange for gold bars:

  • sniper rifle with an arrow (exotic) – 600 gold bars
  • Distance Explosives – 774 Gold Ingots
  • honey fog – 25 gold bars

Where to Find Gold Bars, Safes Easily in Fortnite Chapter 3? Best 3 POIs where you can find them!

Directly over the attraction of The Daily Bug is an IO airship, and several IO guards patrol this area. This is a high-level production area, and it will attract numerous opponents that land in this place. Players can expect battle at any time in this hot area, so I perfectly find weapons and shields in advance before visiting the NPC.

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