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LOL: The paradox of the changes to the next patch and the Riot plan that advances to the community

Riot Games has an important problem with the life theft of League of Legends and the developer will look for a few solutions on the next 12.6 patch. However, equilibrium adjustments that seek to reduce cures could have a paradoxical effect. As several members of the community have pointed out, some of the most affected champions will be precisely those who suffer the most because of this system. A theory that employees of the company have pointed out as plausible and to which it is worth lending something more attention.

The paradox of cures in League of Legends

The change of controversy is the elimination of the rune Voraz Hunter . It grants a small percentage of omnisuction according to the unique eliminations achieved by a champion and can reach up to 6%. It is a quite reduced but very reliable amount for some characters, who use this element to partially counteract the effects of life theft mechanics in their rivals. It is very useful in some magicians of the central lane and the jungle. In fact, it has a fundamental role in this last position.

The truth is that it is a paradoxical situation in which the NERF to the mechanics of life theft can negatively affect the champions that suffer the most when faced with the most party characters. However, Riot Games has almost immediately responded to the criticisms of the community for not taking these characters into account and ensures that there is a plan of action throughout the next updates that the game will receive. Specifically, the developer will monitor the following champions:

  • Karthus.
  • Ekko.
  • Leblanc
  • Taliyah.
  • Cassiopeia.
  • Ryze.

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The problem is that from the developer are not conscious exactly what the situation of these champions will be once the patch is entered. Although it seems to be moderately clear that they will lower their performance, it is practically impossible to detect how the quantity will be the decrease in power. In this sense, League of Legends workers have considered that, although the complaints of the community are reasonable, it is best to be patient and act according to the data obtained once the patch in question is launched and the needs of the needs of Each individual case.

The truth is that Riot Games is not always pending the side effects that changes to League of Legends systems may have. However, this time seems to have everything well tied to prevent the game from residing in the long term by the elimination of one of the most problematic runes of the system introduced in season 8.