The Guide to Agriculture and Food of Planet Crafter

It is the artisan of the planet_ The Guide to Agriculture and Food will tell you how to find more food, how agriculture works and what can manufacture with your crops.

How the artisan of the planet_ Agricultural work?

_ The artisan of the planet_ Agriculture is quite simple: all you need to do is build a food grower or a food cultivator T2, put a seed inside and wait for it to grow. Once you have grown, you can harvest the food. You will get exactly a seed, no more or less, and you can plant that same crop or choose to plant something else.

A small note here: You can not delete a seed if a crop is fully developed. You will have to remove the crop first; You will automatically pick up the seed when you do it.

How to unlock agriculture in The artisan of planet

You can unlock Farming in The artisan of the planet by advancing Oxygen at 12.00 pt through terraforming. This will allow you to build the basic version of the Food Grower.

There is also a much better version called Food Grower T2. It allows you to cultivate much faster, but twice the cost of energy. Unfortunately, you can not access it until you have unlocked Biomass and have completed a number of other milestones in that technological tree first.

How to get more food

At the beginning of the game, you can get more food plundering storage chests, starry boats and bunkers. However, there is a finite supply of these articles; Eventually, you will have to embrace your inner Mark Watney and start cultivating your own food.

How to get more seeds

The only way to get more seeds in The craftsman of the planet is finding storage chests and exploring abandoned. Check our map and location guide to see all the places where you can find seeds!

List of The artisan of planet plants and food

Space food

  • Restores 40 Health
  • Crafts uses – None
  • Uses of the building – none

You start the game with some Space Food in a storage box in your Drop Pod. You can also find space food in various storage chests and abandoned throughout the game. Unfortunately, there is no way to create spatial food in The artisan of the planet still.


Day One Survival! Build Craft Survive | Planet Crafter Gameplay
* Restores 60 health
* Artisan uses
* Uses of the building

Beans are, without a doubt, the best food. Only two Food Grower T2 with beans will be enough to stay alive indefinitely. I like to place two Food Grower T2 in my advanced positions to quickly fill my health if I’m running out of energy while I’m away from home.


  • Restores 25 Health
  • Artisan uses
    • Biomass rocket (through fertilizer)
    • Fertilizer
    • Fertilizer T2 (Via Fertilizer)
  • Uses of the building
    • Algae Generator
    • Algae generator T2 (via fertilizer)
    • Biodomo T2 (via fertilizer)
    • Pottage (through fertilizer)
    • Flower spreader (through fertilizer)
    • Flower spreader T2 (through fertilizer)
    • Food Producer T2 (through fertilizer)
    • Tree spreader (through fertilizer)
    • Trees spreader T2 (through fertilizer)
    • T3 tree spreader (through fertilizer)

The eggplant is used as a fertilizer, and the fertilizer is used to elaborate an lote of things that are used to advance the terraformation and increase biomass. I highly recommend dedicating at least 10 to 20 food producers at aubergines; You will go through an lote fertilizer.


  • Restores 35 health
  • Artisan uses
    • Bioplastic
    • Water filter (through bioplastic)
  • Uses of the building
    • Algae generator (via biolastic)
    • Algae generator T2 (through bioplastic)
    • DNA manipulator (through bioplastic)
    • Lake water collector (through bioplastic)
    • Tree spreader (through bioplastic)

The fungus is best used to manufacture bioplastic instead of eating it. Unfortunately, I have discovered that the mushroom seeds are quite rare: you will be lucky if you find 10 for when you have liquid water on the planet. You must make sure you grow as much as you can.


  • Restores 40 Health
  • Artisan uses
  • Uses of the building
    • Trees spreader T2 (through Fertilzer T2)
    • Trees spreader T3 (through Fertilzer T2)

Pumpkin is a decent food for the start of the game, but does not have many elaboration uses outside the T2 fertilizer, and the T2 fertilizer is only used in a handful of recipes at the end of the game. You probably just need 2 to 4 food growers dedicated to Squash.

We have all finished with our planet craftsman, agriculture and food guide! If you have found this guide helpful, you should check our other guides below! ### more The craftsman of the planet Guides