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Game Releases: New Games in April 2022 for PC and Consoles

After February and March were packed with numerous gaming blockbusters, the April times a small breather, in which you can work in peace of your pile of shame. But it will not be completely boring, of course: The coming month also waits with some exciting new releases, including the Open World Kill Adventure Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, the racing simulation MotoGP 22 or the family source Nintendo Switch Sports. We introduce you to the preview of all exciting releases for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch!

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  1. Page 1 Games Releases: New Games in April 2022 for PC and Console
    1. 1.1Trorbane
    2. 1.Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
    3. 1.3mlb The Show 22
    4. 1.4outbreak: Contagious Memories
    5. 1.5SPlit
    6. 1.6Chinatown Detective Agency
    7. 1.7Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition
    8. 1.8the House of the Dead: Remake

9. 1.9Combinera
10. 1.10URAGUN
11. 1.11LumenCraft
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    1. 2.1Car Detailing Simulator
    2. 2.2CAT Cafe Manager
    3. 2.3Ghostlore
    4. 2.4Kingdom workshop
    5. 2.5the Iron Oath
    6. 2.6nd Knights
    7. 2.7revita
    8. 2.8mongealy
    9. 2.9MOTOGP 22
    10. 2.10Turbo Overkill
    11. 2.11Ganryu 2: Hakuma Kojiro
    12. 2.12Peglin
    13. 2.13the Serpent Rogue
  2. Page 3Games Releases: New Games in April 2022 for PC and Consoles – Page 3
    1. 3.1otherworld Legends
    2. 3.2FLATWORLD
    3. 3.3kaiju Wars
    4. 3.4nintendo Switch Sports
    5. 3.5 ampersate
    6. 3.6ports:
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TOP 12 Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games of APRIL | 2022
1. Open


1. April 2022 | PC | Singleplayer
“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!”. This sentence is in terrorbane program. In the humorous pixel adventure glitches and other technical problems are fixed part of the gaming experience. While you explore a crazy fantasy world full of pop cultural allusions and quirky characters to save genre-typical the world, so you do not only have to fight with nasty monsters, but also with technology. The user interface tips the user interface, sometimes pixels the picture, and sometimes the developers are also mixing themselves. So it will not be boring!

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

MLB the show 22

5. April 2022 | PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, NSW | Singleplayer, Koop, Online PvP
Unlike basketball, ice hockey or football, baseball is the only US sport still a bit hard to grasp in Germany. But who knows, maybe MLB The Show 22 can change something to this circumstance. This also wants to reintrodate the fascination around pitchers, strikes and homeruns. There are now two additional additional windbourgish gameplay modes and difficulty levels. Also new with this: an improved stage creator, new mini-seasons, new legends, new features for March-to-October mode, 3D audio and crossSplay!

Outbreak: Contagious Memories

6. April 2022 | PC, PS5, XBO, XSX, NSW | Singleplayer, Koop
A declaration of love to the survival horror classics of the 90s: How to describe the developers Outbreak: Contagious Memories. In the Action Adventure, you take control of a group of survivors that you would have to lead from a zombie-divided small town. On the way, you can expect the well-known gameplay elements: ambient tubes, crafting, inventory and resource management, backtracking, a portion of grusel and of course: Ballows with undead of quirters. You can even deny them in the coop! So it’s not everything as at that time in Resident Evil or Silent Hill.


6. April 2022 | PC | Singleplayer, Early Access
If a puzzler oriented to gladly sizes such as The Talos Principle, The Witness or Portal, then that can only be good. Theoretically. Whether Split can really keep up with his role models, we learn only on April 6! The first-person puzzle adventure for the PC will appear and want to challenge you in a fully automated city of the future with crisp headnuts. You play a maintenance engineer who will be confronted with nasty at work. These can only be tricked with good reflexes, clever time manipulation and the use of deflection clones.

Chinatown Detective Agency

7. April 2022 | PC, XBO, NSW | Singleplayer
Balds beware, also for you, the GameMonat April considers a delicious piss ready: Chinatown Detective Agency. In the point-and-click adventure, as an ex-policist now, you now explores a gloomy sci-fi version of the earth as an ex-policist now privatimator. Whether in Singapore, London or Shanghai – anywhere information must be collected, witnesses interviewed and evil boys are arrested. And we really think “must”. Because if you did not get enough money together at the end of the month, the bankrupt is followed by bankruptcy and her sitting on the street.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

The House of the Dead: Remake

7. April 2022 | NSW | Singleplayer, Koop
And just a new edition, this time to The House of the Dead. However, that gets a whole remake and not only a popular Remaster donated. Thanks to a new engine, the Rail Shooter of 1996 should also meet modern graphic standards. The same applies to the gameplay. Although the makers hold here on the classic-bloody zombie clapper. With new weapon types, a revised control, multiple ends, two-player co-op, achievements and a new mode called “Horden of Undead”, but also expects a lot of new ones.


7. April 2022 | PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, NSW | Singleplayer
The basic idea of ​​combination does not seem too demanding now: The puzzle platform only requires you to combine a group of colorful balls, cleverly. In practice, this is of course much trickier than it sounds: you not only control all balls at the same time, which requires you a lot of skill. The levels are always waiting with all sorts of treacherous falls, which overcomes you only with fine knives and the clever use always changing special skills.



13. April 2022 | PC | Singleplayer, Koop, Early Access
There are even more top-down bangers in lumencraft. This time not in the future, but underground, where you are looking for precious treasures. But of course, you do not get peacefully through the freely destructible game world, you always get dangerous coarsters in front of the shovel to whom your neatly acidic. In addition to shooter elements, even Tower Defense and Base Building on the plan: with collected raw materials you can expand your warehouse and secure it with automatic protected or other defense systems.

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