Stranger Things sneaks free at Far Cry 6: So you can access Hawkins within the open world of Ubisoft

Taking advantage of that until March 27, Far Cry 6 can be played on consoles and PC, Ubisoft have included a special event about Stranger Things **, as Crosover. After all, if Rambo or Machete already sneaked, the universe of this great success of Netflix should not miss either. Apart that we were aware of your arrival since last September 2021…

Unlike what was seen with the paper house, in this case we have a special Yarana history ** within the game itself and not simply a series of payment packets (which too) with reasons of the series. So let’s tell you where you can start it and what it consists so you do not miss for Hawkins.

Where is Stranger Things’s mission

First of all, you should know that this special Yarana story is integrated within the History of Far Cry 6 , not as a special complement. If you go to the store on the main menu, all you will see are two types of pay lots with reasons of the series, but that they have nothing to do with the mission that places us now.

To access “disappearance”, it is called this _ crossover _ between the Ubisoft game and the Netflix series , you have to have exceeded the tutorial first and have established the guerrilla field. This is, basically, having full access to Yara, since this mission begins northwest at dawn, at the western end of cute water. With the upper capture of the map you sit without failure.

Nor should I give you problems, since Juan Cortez himself will tell you about the disappearance of some of the guerrillas with a load of C-4. And with the mystery to capture a series of cryptic radio transmissions in Russian . It is, of entry, your only track. But it has no loss if you see this image below.

Far Cry 6 Stranger Things FREE DLC Mission! (Far Cry 6 The Vanishing Full Mission)

After entering that house , interacts with TV in the background and it will talk to you Sest , who will ask you to go to a bunker close to your position. You will be marked on the map, so you will not have problems to locate it despite the fact that road access is not the most optimal in the world. You will see him between the mountains.

Be careful , because by accessing this mission you can not go back to Yara until you do not complete it. And as you will see, you will temporarily lose your arsenal so as not to wear the entry things as easy. Of course, from there we will not tell you anything else so that you are surprised… but logically The bunker is just the starting point for something much bigger along several chapters with Dani.

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