Stranger Things transforms Far Cry 6 PS5, PS4 upside down for free

A new season of Stranger Things will be broadcast in May, and Far Cry 6 wants to put you in the atmosphere. An update, available now, adds a brand new mission component to Ubisoft’s open world shooting game, and it is free for anyone who own the title. In addition, if you have not gone to Yara yet, the entire game is downloadable and playable for free until Sunday, on PlayStation 5 and PS4.

Far Cry 6 Stranger Things DLC Gameplay - Full Mission Playthrough (Stranger Things Far Cry 6)
Although the integration of the down upside down into Far Cry 6 did not really make narrative meaning, you must remember that it is a title that also found you fighting alongside Danny Trejo, then Turn off your brain a bit. The presentation seems very strong here, with Mind Flight and demogorgon both well represented – it may be the closest that we get a FPS Stranger Things.

“Players will be able to explore recreation of emblematic places inspired by the Stranger Things series,” explains the press release, “including a hidden bunker and an abandoned laboratory.” As protagonist Dani Rojas, you will go to Yaran’s horror landscape looking for Chorizo ​​- the cute little trundle dog in the main countryside.

Okay, it looks a little silly and it’s clearly a cross marketing opportunity, but it’s Stranger Things in a decent Far Cry game – and, above all, it’s free. The mission apparently takes about an hour to accomplish, and there is no doubt that we will unwind our copy to try it.