NBA News: Shaq and Stephen Curry win an Oscar as producers

After Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and Stephen Curry have recovered an Oscar. At the Academy Awards, “The Queen of Basketball” was awarded the Best Documentary Short Film category, O’Neal and Curry counted the producers.

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In the 22-minute film, the history of Lusia Harris is depicted, which died before two months ago at the age of 66 years ago and is considered a pioneer in women’s basketball. In 1977, Harris was the first woman in the NBA draft, which was then New Orleans Jazz chose Harris in the seventh round with the 137st Pick.

Harris refused, however, to play in jazz. As it turned out later, the then 22-year-old was already pregnant at this time.

Harris was also, which scored the first points at Olympics in 1976 in an Olympic basketball tournament of women. Team USA won silver at that time and just had to leave the Soviet Union.

“If someone else has doubt about whether there are interest in stories to female athletes and whether their stories are important or entertaining, then this Oscar should be the answer,” said director Ben Proudfoot after the award. O’Neal and curry were not present at the gala. Here you can watch the complete documentary.

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Kobe Bryant had gained an Academy Award for the short film “Dear Basketball” for the short film “Dear Basketball”.