Pokemon Unite makes fun of two new Pokemon more

Pokémon Unite List will continue to grow next month. The popular MOBA style game recently published an advance in its pages of social networks that insinuated the arrival of two new Pokémon to the game. One of the two new Pokémon will be added in April, while the other has an “unknown date” on the list. The April Pokémon will be an All-Rounder, with photos that indicate that it could be the Pokémon Gen 2 Azumarill. You can see the progress below:

TWO NEW POKEMON COMING TO UNITE! One We Know... One We Need To Discover Together
Pokémon United is a toll-free MOBA game that has 5V5 equipment battles. Players control a single Pokémon and get on level by defeating wild and opposing Pokémon. Players also collect Aeos Energy from wild Pokémon and try to score goals on the side of their opponent. While the game is missing several characteristics of the traditional Pokémon Games (such as the type advantages), it is still a fun combination of mope-style tactics and classic Pokémon. While the game is free, players must buy UNITE licenses in the game store to use those Pokémon in the matches. UNITE licenses can be purchased with Aeos Coins, a game coin that is gained by playing games, or with a premium currency purchased with real world money.

The game has continued to reinforce its list with several recent additions. The most recent incorporation was Duraludon, a distance attacker with a series of powerful movements. Like many other new Pokémon, Duraludon almost immediately received a balancing patch to modify his attack strength. Other Pokémon recently added to the game include the powerful Hoopa, Trevenant and Aegislash. In total, the list of the game includes 33 playable Pokémon on your list. While that is an impressive number for a game that has been available for less than a year, keep in mind that other major people have lists over 100 playable characters, so the game still has a long way to go before That can offer as many options. Like his competitors.

Pokémon United is now available to download in Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.