PS plus: Free games for April 2022 already known

The “free” games for PS plus in April 2022 seem to be tight. A few hours before the announcement by Sony, a leak makes the round through the internet, which already wants to know the upcoming inclusive games for PS5 and PS4. The information comes from Insider Billbil-Kun: About the French bargain website Dealabs.com reports to the user on which games members of PS plus in April 2022 can look forward to.

PS Plus: inclusive games in April 2022

There is therefore Hood: Outlaws & Legends for PS5 and PlayStation 4. The multiplayer Heist Action scores in our test with an exciting PVPVE concept, a chic setting and four varied characters. Dot deduction is available for matchmaking problems, little customization options and unfair victory conditions. Especially for PS4, Slay The Spire is supposed to download. In our test to Slay The Spire you read what awaits you at the Roguelike. Also allegedly for PS4 at PS plus in April: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – rehydrated.

Announcement this afternoon

Whether the information is true, we already learn this afternoon: the announcement of the “free” games at PS plus in April 2022 is expected for 17:30. The announcement from Sony should only be a form matter: In recent months, Billbil-Kun was always a good deal with its leaks and predictions. He also regularly predicts Games with gold quotes. At Christmas 2021 he also kept right with his forecasts to the 15 free games in the Epic Games Store.

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