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Starfield: Your main designer promises that players are going to hallucinate with adventure

Starfield: The Complete Spacefarers Guide | Everything You Must Know
Starfield is one of the main and most important assets this year for the Binomial of PC and Xbox Series X | s. Probably, the first great representative of Bethesda from the acquisition of the editor by Microsoft, and it will be very interesting to know what is going to offer the first IP of the firm in more than 20 years. Much _ Hype_ around you and, from the studio, do not help to placate the desire.

Although the information about Starfield is dripping very little by little, the study has published a new entry into the blog with an interview with Emil Pagliarulo , main designer and adventure screenwriter, with 19 years of trajectory in Bethesda and experience In games like The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind or Skyrim.

The creative goes with everything and ensures that the players “go to hallucinate” with Starfield , a development that has put him against new challenges in his career, manifesting the ambition with which they are working on a project that has been booking to Slow fire for several years.

In fact, Pagliarulus talks about the moment in which everything did “click” and began to be the experience everyone planned from the beginning. _ “When we arrived at that point in Starfield, we all were speechless. And we realized that we were doing something special” _ .

Although the rest of the mortals have not yet seen Starfield’s Gameplay, he says that the study is usually playing the title of science fiction, experimenting with situations by putting himself in the test of what players would or not to determine his is something fun. He indicates that since the study they have a motto: _ “The great titles are played, they are not created” _ .

If everything continues as planned, the Starfield launch date will be the magic 11 of 11 , as Skyrim was already. You will arrive at PC and Xbox Series X | s.