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Gohan of the future returns to the Dragon Ball anime

We have taken care of you about a mysterious warrior who appeared in the new episodes of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. At the time, we all speculate that it was Gohan of the future **, this because of its Unconventional silhouette. Well, our speculations turned out to be correct and this beloved character by the fans has finally returned to anime.

In the most recent Arch of Dragon Ball Heroes , the Super Time-Space Tournament already started and Z warriors have had to face all kinds of heroes and villains of different eras. All the identities of these warriors have not yet been revealed, and although Gohan of the future remains without taking off his mask, at this point it is obvious that it is about him and we can even see him fighting against trunks.

The interesting thing here is that this version of gohan is evidently against the z warriors, and at the moment we do not know why. Surely that this mystery will be explored as we have new episodes, but in particular it seems to have a certain rancor towards trunks , and it is not very difficult to imagine why.

Future Gohan Returns to The Dragon Ball Anime!

Editor’s note: This alternating line of the Future of Dragon Ball has enormous potential, and beyond the Arch of Super, I think it has not been visited enough. I would love to have a movie set solely in this period of time, and thus be able to see more about the relationship between Trunks and Gohan.