“More than Oberliga Feeling”: U23 guest in the Lohrheidestadion

Two games in the Oberliga Westphalia, then the league is split. Although for the U23, it is almost certain that it continues in the relegation round, but this plays a subordinate role in the remaining games. First and foremost it is for the young eagle to continue to collect important points. This is not easy, but on Sunday, the team of coach Kieran Schulze-Marmeling is demanded at the SG Wattenscheid 09. “Wattenscheid is a top team with great individual class. But if you want to play with the end, you also want to win the pressure. This can be a very good game, “the U23 coach looks forward to the outward trip to the Lohrheidestadion:” That’s a highlight game for us. Such a stadium is not commonplace for the boys and a bit more than Oberliga feeling. “

Especially in the stranger, the yield of the U23 this season is still expandable, five points from nine games were so far. Nevertheless, something in this statistic is something that can make the Prussia courage: Your only away win succeeded in the best home team of the Round, Westfalia Rhyners. For them, the only point loss is so far. This succeeded against Kaan-Marienborn, the second best home team, also a point gain. So now Wattenscheid, who are in the home table in rank six. In the overall ranking you are fourth. “The games against Rhyners and Kaan-Marienborn definitely meet us, they were also two good games from us. We are also well started with two wins from three games this year and want to continue Sunday. “

World League Analysis - Oberliga (Germany 3)
“Wattenscheid has last rather waiting and leave the ball to the opponent. That was the same for us against Rheine too. When it comes, we are prepared for it, “says Schulze-marmeling before the game, but also emphasizes:” For us it has been the first time since October that we play on lawn. Actually, we wanted to train today, which is also difficult in view of the weather. It becomes a leap in the cold water in a certain way, but will make the best of it! “An important factor for a possible away success is that the squad has been filled during the week. “The training place was full of, that makes me happy. After her corona infection, not all guys are still starting starting candidates, but with them, “says the coach. Be absent on Sunday but Jan Klauke, Tobias Heering, Lukas Ayyildiz and Pascal Koopmann.