PS plus May 2022 Free games, forecasts, rumors and more

May will be the last month in which PS plus remains in its current form. The monthly games are reduced to 2 and PS Now will be merged with PS Plus thanks to the PS Plus-Relaunches. But what will the free PS plus games be in May 2022 to finish the current series of three games?

While the last few months a mix of games from all genres messengers, we think that the Maay matches with two PS4 games and a PS5 game could watch very well. The onset of the month looks easy for new releases, so we assume that Sony could immerse yourself in his backcatalog to offer players a hidden gem from 2021, which people may have missed.

Continue reading to get the latest information PS plus May 2022 free games and all rumors or leaks that have surfaced. You can also find our predictions for the month below.

PS plus May 2022 free games

The PS plus games for May 2022 will be announced on 27 April 2022. The games go live on May 3, 2022.

Forecasts for PS Plus May 2022

In the run-up to the PS plus game announcements in May 2022 we predicted what we could see this month:

  • Subnautica below zero – PS5, PS4
  • Miscellaneous – PS4
  • Checks Climb – PS4

Subnautica below zero – PS5, PS4

Subnautica Below Zero is the continuation of the subnautica-celebrated subnautica and expands the underwater ecosystem to an above-ground frozen Arctic.

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With extended survival systems, deeper systems, more threats and more to create, Subnautica Below Zero is a greater continuation in almost every respect.


When we say that OTHERCIDE is one of the most unique tactical games we have ever seen, we do not joke. With its beautiful monochrome aesthetics, which is accentuated by sharp red clothing and blood effects, OTHERCIDE uses a unique timeline function to change the course of fighting.

With every daughter you engage in a fight, put your life on the game, and a failure means that you are lost forever. High stakes, bang-hard boss fights and viscous struggles and animations are at the center of OtherCides ambitions.

Trials Rising – PS4

At the end of the month, racing sports will certainly benefit from a dive in Trials Rising. The franchise is PS plus not foreign, but Rising has helped to rejuvenate the franchise.

With sophisticated gameplay, a wealth of cosmetic elements and the same urkay crashes you know, rising trials is the finest.

That covers everything we know about the free PS plus games and rumors of May 2022. If you want to play more games on your glossy white PS5, look at some of the best PS5 games available on the latest console of Sony.