Social media platform after 22 years because of Facebook before

The relaunch attempt could not save you: the VZ networks are switched off. Only the games should be preserved.

Berlin (DPA / TMN) – The VZ networks are known for their fun groups for the exchange of students. The new Internet word creation “Gross” as a synonym for Liken has created on the platforms. Now the operator of the VZ platforms has announced the final closure of “studiVZ” and “meinVZ”.

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Social media platforms Before: Games should be available elsewhere

If you re-memorize yourself in memories, scare others and maybe – if you do not have happened – want to download one or the other photo, so should hurry. On March 31, the networks should be switched off.

Various online games, which were very popular in VZ networks, are expected to continue playable for users on a new platform or on other sites with all scenes.

Man working “with high pressure at the migration of the games,” it says in the PoolWorks blog. There will soon be published further information about the games. The Studi Directory (StudiVZE), founded at the end of 2005, celebrated great successes for a good half decade – until it was overgrown by Facebook (more to Digital News at networks).