Epic Games gives you a hammer

This week looks a look at the Epic Games Store right. This time you could totally could: Warhammer not only dust a true strategy hit for free, but also secure a roguelite action game.

The Epic Games Store lures PC players with different advantages in the shop. In addition to exclusive games and great sales, visitors can also look forward to at least a new free game ** every week. Reinhoe is worthwhile, because now and then are real blockbusters or exciting insider tips. And best of charge: once downloaded, you can keep the games forever!

Total was: secure Warhammer for free

The Epic Games Store offers new free games every week, and again and again, there are also some real cucumbers that hardly wants to have any1. This week, however, there will be a real highlight again, namely was totally: Warhammer.

By 7 April at 17:00 All PC players can secure the strategy hit from Sega, which originally appeared in 2016, for free on the Epic Games Store.

Total was: Warhammer watching the Epic Games Store

_The video explains what was totally: Warhammer is so special: _

The game is a mix of round-based build-up strategy , which is repeatedly loosened by tactical real-time battles . In these battles, you control your units directly and does not just have to make sure that you use the strengths of your opponents with the strengths of your units, but also keep an eye on the terrain. Archers located on an elevated position can continue to shoot and get an advantage in this way.

In addition to normal units, you can command powerful commands with special skills that can sometimes turn the course of a battle if everything seems lost.

The Metacritic Score of Total was: Warhammer lies at Steute 86 points , 78 percent of the Steam players have missed a positive rating to the Strategy Hit (sources: metacritic / steam).

City of Brass: An action game for free for you

If you feel like a mixture again action, adventure and ego perspective , you should look at City of Brass. The game, developed by the veterans of the Bioshock series, is directly the legend from a thousand and a night sprung.

In this rapid game you are armed with saber and whip. So you hit your way to your way. But that’s not how easy! Tirelessly tickets for you , and when the time has expired, just the death is waiting for you.

Only average rated: The Metacritic Score of City of Brass is 69 points . For example, it is praised to master the game on different ways. Players, however, are dissatisfied with the small circumference of the story. At Steam, the game reaches the rating “Mostly positive” (sources: metacritic / steam).

City of Brass you can secure you by 7 April at 17:00 for free.

City of Brass at Epic Games

Free next week for you

Rogue Legacy

In Rogue Legacy everyone can be a hero and over generations. Every time the player dies, its unique child is appointed successor . This can have anxiety or be colorblind, but you do not have to be perfect to win this game.

Rogue Legacy shows humor, but developer Cellar Door Games describes the game as very difficult . After all, with the gold collected during the adventure, his own castle can be improved to make it easier for the following children.

What do the previous players say? The metacritic score of Rogue Legacy is at Steute 85 points and even at Steam, the game can convince (sources: metacritic / steam).

You can secure the game from 7 April at 17:00 for free.

???? NEXT EPIC FREE GAME The Vanishing of Ethan Carter | EPIC FREE GAME The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Rogue Legacy at Epic Games

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

At The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, a Mystery game awaits you in the ego perspective . The focus here is on exploration and discovery – so exactly the right thing for fans exciting stories.

The players hatch in the role of private detective Paul Prospero. This has a slope for occultism and can talk to the dead. He uses that to ventilate the secret of a disappeared boy.

The Metacritic Score of the Vanishing of Ethan Carter is good 82 points . Although the game should not be a long challenge, but the story is praised in the most highest sounds. Even with Steam, the game cuts very positively (sources: metacritic / steam).

You can secure this mystery adventure from 7 April at 17:00 for free.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter at Epic Games

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